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Gaelic Words Beginning : B

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Gaelic English
Baga Bag
Baidhseagal Bicycle
Baile Town
Bainne Milk
Baist Baptize
Baisteadh Baptism
Balach Boy
Balbh Silent
Balgair Impudent Person
Balgan-Bhuachair Mushrooms
Ball Ball
Ball-Basgaid Basketball
Ball-Coise Football
Banail Womanly
Banaltrum Nurse
Banana Banana
Bananathan Bananas
Ban-Chile Wife
Baoth Foolish
Brd Poet
Barrall Lace (Shoelace)
Bs Death
Basgaid Basket
Bta Boat
Be Alive
Beach-Lann Bee-Hive
Beadradh Caressing
Beag Small
Beannaich Bless
Bean-Phsda Married Woman
Beartach Wealthy
Bicear Baker
Beinge Bench
Beinn Mountain
Bist Beast
Beithe Birch Tree
Beud Mischief
Beul Mouth
Beulaibh Front
Bilean Lips
Bobhair Beaver
Biodag Dirk
Biona Bin
Blasda Tasty
Blth Warm
Bleideagan Coirce Cornflakes
Blobhsa Blouse
B Cow
Bobhla Bowl
Bobhlaichean Bowls
Bodach Na Nollaig Santa Claus
Bog Soft
Bogsa Box
Bois Palm
Bonn Bottom (of something)
Brd Table
Brd-Dubh Blackboard
Bosgadh Boxing (the sport)
Botail Bottles
Botal Bottle
Btannan Boots
Bracaist Breakfast
Brthair Brother
Briogais Trousers
Briogais Ghoirid Shorts
Briosgaid Biscuit
Briosgaidean Biscuits
Bris Break
Broc Badger
Brochan Porridge
Brgan Shoes
Broilleach Chest
Brot Soup
Br Stomach
Bucall Buckle
Buidhe Yellow
Bidsear Butcher
Buntta Potatoes
Burgair Burger
Burgairean Burgers
Bus Bus
Bth Shop
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