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Gaelic Words Beginning : S

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Gaelic English
Sbaid Sabbath 
Sbhail Rescue
Sil Heel
Sailead Salad
Salach Dirty
Salainn Salt
Smhach Quiet
Samhain, An t- November
Samhradh, An Summer
Saor Carpenter 
Ssar Saucer
Ssaran Saucers
Seacaid Jacket
Seachd Seven
Seachd-chernach Heptagon
Sean Old
Seanair Grandpa
Seanmhair Grandma
Sear The East 
Searbhadair Towel
Searrach Foal
Seillean Bee
Sgeinean Knives
Sgeulachd Story
Sgian Knife
Sgiort Skirt
Sgth Tired
Sgoil School
Sgth Cloud
Sguab Brush (for floor)
Sguab fhliuch Mop
Sia Six
Siabann Soap
Sia-chernach Hexagon
Silidh Jam
Sinc Sink
Sionnach Fox
Sos Down
Sicar Sugar
Slaodach Slow
Slat-tomhais Ruler
Sliasaidean Thigh
Smiogaid Chin
Sneachda Snow
Snap Turnip
Socaisean Socks
soilleir Bright
Soitheach Dish
Soitheach-stir Dustpan
Soithichean Dishes
Solas Light
Spin Spoon
Spin t Teaspoon
Spinean Spoons
Srn Nose
Stibh Stew
Stoiridh Story
Stl Stool
Suas Up
Subhan-craoibh Raspberries
Subhan-lir Strawberries
Sgh Juice
Sgh measa Fruit juice
Sil Eye
Sultain, An t- September
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