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A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt - witty Scottish proverbs.

A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up Your Kilt

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Doric Words Beginning : B






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Doric English
Baggie Turnip 
Bairn Baby or young child
Baith Both
Banter Chat - usually using sarcastic humour.
Bap Bread roll
Batchie Baker
Baurley-Bree Whisky
Bawbee The old Scots word for a sixpence
Beadle Church Officer
Ben Down or through (Go Ben the room)
Ben, Muntain Mountain
Bern, Granzie Barn
Bide Stay (Will ye bide awhile)
Biodag Dagger or dirk
Birl Spin
Birlin'  Spinning
Birling Drinking Match
Birrial Burial
Bitcallant Lad
Black Affrontit Embarrassed
Bleeter Talk aimlessly / Bleather
Bogle Wark Ghosly Precence
Bosie Cuddle or hug
Bottom Lier Trout
Bowe-Kail Cabbage
Brakk Break
Bratch Female Dog
Braw Good, Great
Braw  Good
Brawly Well
Breadth Bread
Breeks Trousers
Breekums Trousers
Breid Bread
Bridth Bread
Brig Bridge
Brither Brother
Brod Board
Broth Soup
Buit Boot
Burnewin  Bladcksmith (From Burn The Wind)
Bydand Steadfast 
Byre Cowshed
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