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Doric Words Beginning : S






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Doric English
Sair    Sore
Sark Shirt
Saumon Salmon 
Scaffie A binman
Sclatch Fall
Sclyte Work clumsily
Scowe Flat bottomed boat
Scowp Run
Scunnered Fed Up
Scutter Delay
Seilie Happy
Semmitt   Vest
Shae Shoe
Shaw Copse
Sheet  Shoot
Shew Sow - seeds
Siller Money 
Skail School
Skaithe Harm / Injure
Skelloch Shriek
Skelpit Smacked (usually on the bottom)
Slaister Servant to do rough work
Smacherry Stocking up on sweets
Snippie Kettle
Sodger Soldier
Sotter    Mess
Spail Splinter of wood
Spate Flood
Speerings Inquiry
Spew    Vomit
Spik Speak
Spikin Speaking
Stammygaster Astonishment
Startit  Started
Steen Stone
Stelled Stuck
Stocious    Drunk
Stooshie A fuss / Fight
Stot    To bounce
Stotter    Beautiful
Sup    A small amount of liquid
Swicking Cheating
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